Reddrumstudio is based in Belgium/Eindhout and runned by David Ooms. David is specialised in rock, hardcore, metal and the underground scene.

Reddrumstudio combines the best of both worlds; analogue gear and world-class microphones during the tracking process and a digital enviroment with a full compliment of plug-ins that gives you endless possibilities.

The studio has three main rooms; a live room (drums and vocals), a guitar room and a control room. But also a room to relax in and a storage room. The three main rooms are designed to have acoustic qualities related to their functions.

The time and quality of the tracking, editing and mixing will make the difference between flat sounding demos and a professional sounding recording. We don't charge per hour so that you can be at ease when working on your project in a relaxed enviroment.

Mastering is the final step before an album can be released. We only offer masterings when your project is recorded at Reddrumstudio to fit in your budget.


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Charging per song

depending on line-up

Album Deals starting from 5 tracks


Mastering Service

€ 75

Album Deals starting from 5 tracks


Next open data

february 2020